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Calcium Lactate

Calcium Lactate

Calcium lactate is a white crystalline salt made by the action of lactic acid and calcium carbonate. It is produced by fermentation process. Realizing the good potential with regards to it’s usage in Pharma and Food processing industries as a bulk drug and as food preservative, a Calcium Lactate division had been promoted K.C.P. Sugar and Industries Corporation Ltd. (KSICL) at it’s sugar complex in Vuyyuru, Krishna District , Andhra Pradesh with an initial capacity of 250 M.T per annum in the year 2006 and the present capacity of the plant is 500 M.T per annum.


  1. It has got multiple applications in Pharmaceutical, Food and Animal Health Care products by virtue of its bio availability and compatibility with other molecules.
  2. It is obtained as an intermediary product during lactic acid manufacturing.
  3. It is used for calcium deficiency therapy as recommended by National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine for individual age groups every day intake should be as follows:
Age(Years) Daily in take of Calcium As a Calcium Lactate
1-3 500mg 4000mg
4-8 800mg 6400mg
9-18 1300mg 10500mg
19-50 1000mg 8000mg
51+ 1200mg 10000mg
4. Calcium Lactate is used in:
  1. To enrich products such as tooth paste, powder and mouth wash.
  2. For preservation of fruits, its firmness and also to avoid dis-colorization of fruits and vegetables.
  3. For Rasagulla Sweet preparation to increase the size and sponginess.
  4. In bread and other baked products in bakery industry.
  5. As fed additive in Cattle, poultry, fish and prawn industry.

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