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BIO technology

BIO Technology

Excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides for decades together in the farm lands resulted in the gross destruction of beneficial micro flora of the soil and ecosystem. Synthetic agents continued to pose their harmful effects through residues in the soil, in the farm produce and also in the processed foods for human consumption.

Continuous application of harmful chemicals led to resistance development and resurgence of many crop pests. Hence crop management employing biofertilizers, bio pesticides, biocontrol agents and such other bio products attain special significance.

Realizing the social responsibility and good market potential available for bio products, K.C.P. Sugar and Industries Corporation Ltd. (KSICL) had established a Biotech Division in its Sugar complex at Vuyyuru, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh in the year 1996 to produce Bio Products so as to improve farm productivity with eco friendly technology.

The product mix of the said division together with its salient features are as below:



This is the organic manure composted from filter cake (a waste obtained from sugar operations). This Biocompost enhances the water holding capacity of soil, improves the existence of micro flora. It reduces the use of chemical fertilizers, avoids soil deterioration, increases the organic matter in the soils, reduces soil salinity and alkalinity. The present capacity of the Plant is 20,000 M.T per annum.


Biofertilizers contain microbial inoculants, which have manurial value and which are aided by microbial processes. They are available for Nitrogen fixation, solubilization of unavailable phosphorus and making them available to the plants. The present capacity of the plant is 1200 M.T per annum with the following product mix

  1. Azospirillum Nitrogen fixing bacteria
  2. Azotobactor Nitrogen fixing bacteria
  3. Rhizobium Nitrogen fixing bacteria
  4. Phosphobactor Phosphate solubilizing bacteria


Mycorrhiza (fungus root) is the symbiotic association between plant roots and soil fungus. The Endomycorrhiza(VAM) is an obligate symbiont. It is useful for Phosphorus uptake, Micronutrient uptake, Enhanced water uptake, Increased resistance to pathogens and pests, Enhanced tolerance to soil stress viz. high salt levels, heavy metal toxicity, drought, high temperatures etc., Enhanced seedling survival on transplantation. Mycorrhiza production technology in sterile conditions was first developed by TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi) and DBT (Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, New Delhi). KSICL has a technology tie up with TERI for mass multiplication of Mycorrhiza Biofertilizer thorough the most advanced sterile technology. In the year 2000 KSICL had established facilities for production of Mycorrhiza with an initial capacity of 200 M.T per annum. The present capacity of the plant is 1000 M.T per annum.

The Company had been presented with an award by All India Biotech Association, New Delhi for “Up scaling and Commercializing the Mycorrhiza techonology for the year 2001-2002”.

All the above products are useful for Cereals, Horticultural crops, Plantation crops, Cash crops, Vegetables, Medicinal and Aromatic plants, Forestry plants etc.


  1. The yield (upto 3- 15%) and quality of the agriculture produce will be improved.
  2. Chemical fertilizer application can be reduced by 25%.
  3. Soil fertility and Organic matter content will be improved.

Distillery spent wash spraying on the filter cake Formed as windrows.

Aero tilling of the filter Cake in windrows.

Installed in the year 2005-06
Installed Capacity 25 TPD
Products: Co2 Gas, Liquid Co2, Dry Ice

Installed in the year 2006
Installed Capacity 2 TPD (OR) 500 TPA
Products: Granuales IP, Mixed IP

Yield enhancement- 2-5 tonnes additional yield.
Cost benefit ratio of 1: 3.6.
Fertilizer reduction – 25 % fertilizer (SSP).

Yield enhancement: 25 %
Fertilizer reduction: 25 %

Yield enhancement: 25 %

Pigeon pea
Yield enhancement: 27%
Fertilizer reduction: 25%

Yield enhancement: 30 % yield

Jatropha plantations
AMF inoculated saplings for: BIODIESEL
400, 000 plants mycorrhized.
IOC has recognized Teri’s plantation as one of the largest & early yielding.

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