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Sugarcane productivity has been enhanced by virtue of improved varieties and chemical fertilizers. Over the years this sea change not maintained or improved, on the contrary, the yield of sugarcane in many areas shown declining trend. Important reasons for reduction in cane yield are:

  • Adverse effects of various biotic and a biotic stresses on cane crop
  • Use of imbalance and over / under use of chemical fertilizers
  • Un-controlled and faulty irrigation schedules and methods
  • Deterioration of soil physical conditions due to Ill drainage / no drainage systems for sugarcane fields
  • Less / no use of organic manures in sugarcane cultivation
  • Less emphasis on use of bio-agents in the sugarcane cropping System
  • Use of poor quality cane seeds
  • Adoption of unscientific agronomic practices

Strategies adopted at KCP Sugar were:

  • Training to cane field staff
  • Training to farmers by way of lectures and field demonstrations
  • Supply of important inputs like Cane seeds Bhumilabh(bio-compost), Fertilizers, Plant protection chemicals, bio-fertilizers etc., to participating farmers.
  • Supply of relevant cane production manual / operation chart to the Participating farmers.
  • Continuous monitoring the program by field visits, discussions etc.

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