Shri. Vinod R. Sethi, Executive Chairman

Shri Vinod R.Sethi, was born on 22 May 1962. He is a Chemical Engineer from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, and an MBA (Finance) and a Beta Gamma Sigma Graduate from New York University. He established the Indian business for Morgan Stanley and was its Chief Investment Officer for 12 years, when the business grew in excess of USD 2 billion in assets. He is holding Directorship in a few other Companies as well.

Smt.Irmgard Velagapudi M.Rao, Managing Director

Smt. Irmgard Velagapudi M.Rao, was born on 18 September 1936. She is a German National and wife of late Sri. V.M.Rao, the Promoter of this Company, holds a German Diploma in Commerce and was instrumental in managing the Company even during the most difficult times for the industry and her sustained efforts had resulted in taking the company to its present position.

Smt. V. Kiran Rao, Executive Director

Smt. V. Kiran Rao, is a German national born on 18 December 1964. She is an Anthropologist, Historian and a graduate from the University of London and worked in various assignments in Europe and the United Kingdom. Under the leadership of her father, Sri.V.M.Rao, she had gained wide experience in sugar industry and related matters.

Dr. Vithal Rajan

Dr. Vithal Rajan, was born on 16 July 1936. He is a Doctorate from the London School of Economics and is the Chairman of the Confederation of Voluntary Associations.

Shri. M. S. V. M. Rao

Shri.M.S.V.M.Rao, was born on 27 September 1955. He is an agriculturist with vast experience in cane cultivation.


Shri. Vinod R. Sethi 00106598 Executive Chairman
Smt. Irmgard Velagapudi M.Rao 00091370 Managing Director
Smt. V. Kiran Rao 00091466 Executive Director
Dr. Vithal Rajan 00021571 Independent Director
Shri. M.S.V.M.Rao 00432640 Independent Director
Shri. Prathap K. Moturi 00020630 Independent Director
Shri. K.R.Adivarahan 00019844 Independent Director